This 2016 Annual Report for Caltex Australia Limited (ACN 004 201 307) has been prepared as at 21 February 2017. Please note that terms such as Caltex and Caltex Australia have the same meaning as Caltex Group, unless the context requires otherwise.

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Chairman and CEO

Message from Chairman and MD & CEO

Message from Chairman and MD & CEO

In 2016, Caltex Australia continued on our “Freedom of Convenience” journey.

Caltex aspires to top quartile total shareholder returns through our Freedom of Convenience strategy, which is to be the market leader in complex supply chains and the evolving convenience marketplace by delivering the fuel and other everyday needs of our diverse customers through our networks.

Caltex’s strategic journey continues

We are now building on our position as Australia’s leader in transport fuels to deliver services and convenience offerings to our diverse range of customers. We are well positioned to use a “whole of business” mindset through our operations across our integrated supply chain – from source to customer.

We will continue to optimise all areas of our business to strengthen Caltex’s place in a highly competitive industry.

In 2016, we were excited to have the opportunity to invest in businesses which complement our existing model. We have also strengthened our capabilities as we extend our offerings in markets new to Caltex, such as the convenience marketplace.

As always, Caltex will strive to lead, not follow, others by redefining customer expectations and placing ourselves at the crossroads of what is needed today, and what is possible tomorrow.


We hold safety and integrity as core personal commitments

We look after our own safety and the safety of others.
We are intolerant of personal injury.
We treat each other and the environment with respect.
We are upfront and do the right thing.


We think and act like business owners

We are results driven.
We treat the business as our own.
We never lose sight of tomorrow.


We play to win

We expect to achieve the extraordinary.
We are smart with money.
We make tough decisions to create shareholder value.


We deliver superb outcomes for our customers

We are one team, servicing our customers together.
We listen, understand and deliver.


We deliver with energy, conviction and tenacity

We act with a sense of urgency.
We are decisive and agile.


We boldly find new ways to succeed

We step out from the traditional to seize opportunities.
We are curious, adventurous and innovative.
We have the courage to change.

Operations Reports

Our supply team continues to build its capabilities to competitively and reliably supply the transportation fuels, feedstocks, crude and other products which our Australia-wide customer base and refining system require.With Chevron’s 2015 departure from Caltex’s supply chain, 2016 marked the first full year of Caltex’s standalone trading and shipping capability through Ampol Singapore.


Import locations
The number of locations Caltex typically imports products to

Caltex’s Supply Chain Operations manages a complex, nation-wide network of facilities, including the Lytton refinery, 13 terminals, 64 depots, pipelines and freight logistics.


Lytton production
Record performance (Billion Litres)

As our business continues to grow, so does our commitment to serving our customers, who rely on us for approximately 16 billion litres of fuel each year and a range of lubricants and fresh and packaged retail offerings.


Vortex 98
Grew year on year


From sourcing products through to serving our customers, Caltex exercises CARE in everything we do. We prioritise people and the environment, and have put Board-endorsed policies and day-to-day procedures in place so that all of our activities demonstrate this value.

Even while our organisation is under transformation, our Values consistently guide our actions and strengthen the pursuit of our Vision.

Gender pay differential

Negligible on a like-for-like basis between men and women

Capability Capability
Gender trend at Caltex

Proportion of males to females in senior leadership positions

Caltex strives for incident-free operations. We are vigilant about ensuring that our workforce goes home safe at the end of every day and protecting the environments in which we operate.


Per million hours worked


Treated contractor injuries

Australian packaging covenant

Compliance among Caltex product suppliers

Safety And Environment
Total Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions

Historical greenhouse emissions data for Caltex Australia 2012–2013 to 2015–2016

Tank replacement

Number of sites where Caltex is responsible for the underground fuel system which underwent tank replacement in 2016 as part of our ongoing underground tank replacement and monitoring program

Our corporate sponsorship program partners with a select group of Australian organisations that share our values, providing financial support and leveraging our networks to make a real difference across Australia.

Fatality Free Friday

Fatality Free Friday online pledges


Amount raised by Caltex across Australia

Charity partners

Amount raised through Caltex’s employee donation matching program


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